About Us

Advocates4U business goal is to effectively promote the role of the IRIS participants, or their family members or legal representatives, in order to manage their long term support.

Advocates4U Consultant Services

Advocates4U will assist IRIS participants in exercising choice, control and freedom to design their own waiver eligible support and service plans to meet their functional, vocational, medical and social needs. Advocates4U will work with the participant to identify the participant’s long-term support needs, the participant’s desired outcomes, possible community resources, natural unpaid supports, non-Medical services for which the participant is eligible, and the goods and services the participant will purchase with IRIS long term support funding.

Advocates4U will also help the participant to understand the IRIS program requirements, complete required documentation, and comply with the unique processes related to the self directed IRIS program such as the requirements of being the employer of participant-hired workers.

Advocates4U Consultants are here for you

Advocates4U consultants are here to support you and are available to assist you over the phone, through email, and in person at your kitchen table or at a location in your community.

Advocates4U consultants not only know your community well, but are here to connect you with the proper services and support to make your long term care goals a reality. Advocates4U consultants will meet or connect with you on a regular basis to support you and to ensure that your services and supports are working to meet your goals. If your needs change, your consultant will help you plan for new solutions that ensure your continued success.

To learn more about Advocates4U , please call 414-755-2020.