How do I qualify for SPDC

IRIS SDPC Eligibility

If a participant requires hands-on assistance with their activities of daily living due to limitations, they may be eligible to receive personal care services. If a participant is already receiving services through an MAPC agency, they already qualify.

Participants are not eligible for IRIS SDPC if they live in a group residential setting such as an adult family home or residential care apartment complex, unless the residential provider is a relative.

Participants may not participate in both agency-based personal care through their Medicaid Forward Health card and IRIS SDPC at the same time. They may choose to transfer between the two options and their current plan will continue until the new plan begins.

For more information about IRIS SDPC, contact:

IRIS SDPC Oversight Agency
IRIS Call Center: 1-888-515-4747 (IRIS)
Or contact your Advocates4U consultant directly.