ZoAnn Dismuke

Orientation Consultant

Location: Milwaukee

Phone Number: 414-517-2071
Email: zoann@irisadvocates4u.org

Care Responsibilities: My responsibilities are to provide initial orientation for a person who has chosen the IRIS program and to help them design and implement their plans, also to facilitate participant’s choice, direction, and control over services and supports that are purchased in accordance with a support and services plan.

Educational Background: Springfield College. Human Services.

Specialties: I have a passion for working with the elderly and also youth in transition, it has been my career to assist and keep them focused on their life goals so that are able to accomplish them and live happily. In working with youth I always took an extra effort to ensure that they set short and long term goals and as they accomplished each goal successfully help them to set new goals which kept them always thinking about their future.

County/Region I’m familiar with: Milwaukee.

Languages or Communication Skills: English.

I’m comfortable with pets in the home: Yes.

More about me: I have always been driven to assist those in my community. I have worked with the elderly within my personal life and have had the opportunity to help them with their day to day goals.