Alejandro Aguirre

IRIS Consultant

Care Responsibilities: Identify the persons long-term support needs and desired goals to develop an individual service & support plan. Assisting participants through the IRIS program by developing a plan that will ensure they continue to keep their independence. Maintain monthly contacts with participants.

Specialties: Recognizing the importance of access to resources, I made it my mission to connect people with the services and opportunities available to them. I tirelessly researched and compiled a comprehensive list of resources within the city of Milwaukee, ranging from educational programs and job training to housing assistance and healthcare services. This extensive database became my go-to tool in helping individuals navigate the complex web of resources available to them.

In my role as a mentor, I worked closely with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including at-risk youth, single parents, and individuals experiencing homelessness. I provided them with guidance and support, helping them set goals, develop life skills, and overcome obstacles. By fostering a safe and nurturing environment, I empowered them to believe in themselves and utilize recourses available to them.

County/Region I’m familiar with: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson.

Languages or Communication Skills: English, Spanish.

I’m comfortable with pets in the home: Yes.

More about me: I truly enjoy working with people in my community and attending community events. I love spending time with my family and my two dogs.